1. What is this project?
This project aims to collect funds to run a liquidity bot. The bot is a market maker and it creates buy and sell walls.

2. Where does this bot run?
Initially it runs only in SouthXchange, but we plan to add more exchanges in the future.

3. What markets are used?
It runs on several markets with coins like BTC, ETH, BCH, ETC, XMR, DASH and many others.

4. How do you plan to collect funds?
We created a token for this. The sale proceeds are directed towards the bot funds. The token is an ERC-20 token with contract address 0x44Fd55aEB7420b4fD275e19d6f0674a6f91AD356.

5. How do you set the token price?
It is calculated as the total funds in possession of the bot divided by the number of tokens held by users.

6. How does the bot profit?
The bot profits from the market spread. In the short term the bot randomnly earns and loses money according to the trades executed by users in the exchange, but in the long term it only earns money, i.e. the funds grow higher. A portion of these funds are used to maintain the token price by means of a buy wall, so the token price goes up according to the bot performance.

7. Why should I invest in this project?
By buying our token you invest in the bot funds which naturally grows higher due to the market spread. Also you are indirectly investing in all the coins held by the bot, so it is a way of diversifying your portfolio.

8. How do I invest in this project?
Simply buy the token LIQ in SouthXchange.